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Biggi Hilmars is an Icelandic composer, singer/songwriter, who has developed a distinctive, haunting, provocative, original music style, blending classical, electronic, ambient, avant-garde and pop influences. As well as being a multi- instrumentalist, his distinctive voice soars and glides effortlessly in and out of his songs that are beautifully orchestrated with piano, strings and mesmerizing guitar textures.

Living and working between London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles and Reykjavik, Biggi is becoming one of the most in-demand music composers of his generation for film, movie trailers, commercials and television.

Recent commissions include ‘Beeba Boys’ by Award Winning director Deepa Mehta, ’Far From the Madding Crowd’ official movie trailer, documentary film ‘Impact’, ‘Olive Kitteridge’ official trailer for SKY, BBC feat. documentary film ʻMy Brother the Ark Raiderʼ by Jonathan Carr, Ridley Scott’s ‘How I Live Now’ & ‘Christmas in a Day’ movie trailers, a commercial for Allianz, IBM and Mercedes Benz.