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As Soon As They Know Me

premiered in August, 2011

A teaser from Maddid's latest theatre piece 'As Soon As They Know Me'; which is about how new environment and circumstances can affect us all. We use divised theatre method; a mixture of improvisation, text, music and video. The piece was premiered in London in June 2011 and in August in Iceland and has been getting rave reviews. More shows coming up soon!

Maddid is a collective of theatre, music and visual artists.

MADDID artists: Vala Omarsdottir –Artistic Director/Performer
Olga Masleinnikova -Performer/Choreographer
Mari Rettedal-Westlake –Creative Producer/Festival Director
Maria Kjartans –Visual/Video Artist
Jordi Serra Vega –Stage Designer
Biggi Hilmars -Musician/Composer
Friðþjófur Þorsteinsso- Lighting Designer
Snorri Kristjánsson - Writer

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